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October 20, 2023
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THAT Dream: Pioneering the Future of Cryptocurrency

From Vision to Reality: Bailey's Quest to Revolutionise Cryptocurrency

A Visionary in Cryptocurrency

In the intricate world of cryptocurrencies, Bailey stands out. Known for dreaming big, this young tech enthusiast is set to transform how we perceive and utilise cryptocurrency

A Dream Was Born

Back in 2016, Bailey's intrigue with the crypto space led him to a realisation: while many delved into the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, few connected them to real-world usability. Bailey envisioned a cryptocurrency that wasn't just confined to digital wallets, but was seamlessly integrated into everyday transactions.

Guidance From a Pillar

Nevertheless, pioneering dreams demand a robust foundation. David, Bailey’s father, with decades of experience in leading businesses and charities, was instrumental in guiding Bailey. When Bailey unveiled his vision, David, with a blend of caution and encouragement, asked, "Do you grasp the magnitude of this undertaking?". Bailey did, and his subsequent research only deepened his conviction and intensified his resolve. He confidently believed that, with the right collaboration, they could meld crypto-technology with daily business. Recognising Bailey's unwavering commitment and past accomplishments, David felt they were on the cusp of something groundbreaking.

Making Waves with a Groundbreaking App

Their first milestone? An app crafted for businesses, offering exclusive deals to customers, set to eventually integrate their very own cryptocurrency. The beauty of their venture is in its simplicity and straightforward approach. Bailey's proficiency and expertise shines through in the app's sleek, user-friendly design. Their pilot phase was a roaring success that drew acclaim, attracting over 13,000 users and 200 businesses.

Building a Robust Infrastructure

However, this was just the beginning. Beyond the app, they needed a robust cryptocurrency infrastructure and a trustworthy, reliable exchange. With their combined strengths, they onboarded experts like William, a blockchain specialist, and secured backing and investment from tech aficionados like Israel.

More Than Just a Cryptocurrency

Now, as THAT prepares to disrupt the crypto market, it represents more than a mere product. It's a testament to vision, perseverance, and conviction. It serves as an inspiration, demonstrating what can be achieved when passion meets with experience and expertise.

THAT's Global Vision

THAT, a cleverly named and memorable cryptocurrency, is on the verge of global realisation. It is geared to redefine how businesses and consumers handle digital transactions. Supported by an app that's already been market-tested, an AUSTRAC-compliant exchange, and a unique cryptocurrency, THAT is poised to integrate cryptocurrency with everyday life.

It's the Future in Your Pocket

So, why believe in THAT? Because at its core, it's not just a cryptocurrency. It embodies a dream brought to life, a vision taking shape, and a promise to a foreseeable future where digital currency is as commonplace as the change in our pockets. The future of THAT isn't just anticipated—it's imminent.

Join the Financial Revolution

Join us. Be part of this transformative journey, and let's reshape the future of finance, together.